Side by Side Jet Skis

Where are the side by side jet ski's? Back in the 1990's, there were numerous side by side PWC models released. The side by sides were attractive, comfortable, and definitely quite agile. The side by side jet ski did not however catch on in the same manner as the forward reverse (or inline) seating arrangement.

It may have been an issue with balance and center of gravity or it could have simply been styling. If it's side by side seating and only one person were on the pwc it is possible it would list to one side. This is also a possibility with two passengers of unequal weights.for example one child and one adult. As for rider safety, the jury is still out on this one.

Kawasaki produced side by side jet skis's back in the 1990's. Some models were the Sport Cruiser and the JC550. They were briefly popular and are now revered as classics. We are currently accepting side by side jet ski pictures into our gallery.

There's no question, there were a wonderful concept, but to this day there are still difference of opinion regarding their feasibility out on the open water.

jet ski rocket

What are your thoughts on side by side pwc's?

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