These are some frequently asked questions regarding our jet ski website...

  • Q: Where are you located?
    A: We are a technology based company located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. The website serves a national audience. (more info)

  • Q: Do you have a retail location?
    A: No, we are a technology based company, also referred to as web-based business. We strictly do business online.(more info)

  • Q: What is a jet ski?
    A: It is any small boat meant for recreation or utility using a jet stream for propulsion, also referred to as a personal watercraft due to its size. It can carry one to four riders and can be ridden sitting down or standing up. (more info)

  • Q: What is a Buoy?
    A: It is a plastic cone or colorful ball secured to the bottom of a lake or body of water to mark a designated area or race course.

  • Q: What is an impeller?
    A: It is a propeller that is physically located inside the body of a personal watercraft or jet ski.

  • Q: Where can I buy Wet Jet personal watercraft parts?
    A: Wet Jet personal watercraft are no longer manufactured but there are still parts available through an authorized distributor. There are also used Wet Jet parts available at times on internet venues like eBay. (more info)

  • Q: What is water jet propulsion?
    A: It is the term used to describe the method of forward thrust on a jet ski or persoanl watercraft.

  • Q: What is freestyle jet skiing?
    A: It is a style of riding or the name of a competition where watercraft riders do tricks on the water. In a freestyle competition, riders will perform tricks based on a designated time period. (more info)

  • Q: What is a jet ski lanyard?
    A: It is a safety device that is wired in series with a personal watercraft on/off circuit and connected to the wrist of the rider in case he or she dismounts the watercraft while it is in motion. It will disable the engine in the same way as the on/off switch when it becomes disconnected.

  • Q: Where can I buy Tigershark jet ski parts?
    A: Tigershark jet skis are no longer manufactured but there are still parts available through authorized dealers. There are also used Tigershark parts available at times on internet venues like eBay. (more info)

  • Q: Are Chinese jet skis reliable?
    A: The question of Chinese jets skis level of reliability is subject to personal opinion and experience. Reviews from current owners would be a big help. (more info)

  • Q: What is the fastest jet ski?
    A: Specs regarding the fastest factory stock jet ski are continually changing with each model year. (more info)

  • Q: Do all jet skis come equipped with reverse?
    A: No, every jet ski is not equipped with a reverse gear. Check with your local dealer or current owner in the case of a pre-owned watercraft. (more info)

  • Q: Do people really get jet ski tattoos?
    A: You bet they do, people are willing to get jet ski tattoos just like they get body art of any other aspect of life that they love. (more info)

  • Q: What is the most fuel efficient jet ski?
    A: The most fuel efficient jet ski is in all likelyhood a four stroke watercraft. Specs change for each model year so the exact model may change annually. (more info)

  • Q: Are side by side jet skis safe?
    A: Side by side jet skis were produced beirfy in the 1990's and are safe when ridden properly. The side by side seating condition caused concern due to passengers of uneven body weight riding next to each other. (more info)

  • Q: What is the worst jet ski engine?
    A: The question of the worst jet ski engine comes down to reviews and experience with various watercraft. (more info)

  • Q: Does anyone make a five person jet ski?
    A: At this time, no manufacturer makes a standard fiver person jet ski. Typically buyers move into small jet boats once their need moves beyond four riders. (more info)

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