About Us

Carbondale Jet Ski has well over twenty years experience in the jet ski, boating, and watersports industry. This includes repair, mods, restoration, and of course riding.

The Carbondale Jet Ski website is the culmination of over two decades of interaction with jet ski's and most certainly, one thing we've learned in all this time is that there is too much to learn. Jet Ski's have evolved tremendously over the last twenty years.

Two stroke jet-ski's, for example, were hot at one time and four stroke engines were left to lawn mowers. Today, the four stroke engine is so advanced, lightweight, and fuel efficient that it's hard not to desire a four stroke jet ski.

This is just one example of the evolution that has taken place in the jet ski industry. Rider comfort, passenger capacity, and fuel injection are three more great examples.

The concept of Carbondale Jet Ski is to let the riders give advice and answer questions regarding jet ski's. A true jet ski owner knows his (or her) jet ski better than anyone else and this is the arena to prove it. The concept is to help eachother with jet ski issues and jet ski advice.

As for our photo gallery, we'd like to collect the web's largest gallery of stand-up jets skis as well as sit-down jet skis. The pictures can be taken while at rest on the trailer, in storage in your garage, or most preferably out on the water. We'd hope to collect a good mix of pictures from all manufacturers including Tigershark, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, Seadoo, and Honda. Hopefully this portion of our site catches on soon.

So come join with us in the excitement and participate because there is no one person who knows it all when it comes to jet ski's.

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