The Yamaha Jet Ski

This is a list of past and present models of the Yamaha Jet Ski. They've given us the term "Waverunner" and continually develop new technology improving ride and performance on the water. However you slice it, the Yamaha jet ski, personal watercraft, waverunner, or PWC, the list is not in any particular order.

Jet Ski from Yamaha

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Quick Facts about Yamaha Personal Watercraft

  • Yamaha trademarked the name "Waverunner" that describes their version of the personal watercraft.

  • Yamaha produced the first sit-down jet ski in 1986 and it was called the Waverunner.

  • Yamaha released its first stand-up jet ski in 1991, called the Superjet. It was know for its great balance.

  • In 1995, Yamaha released its first three seater jet ski, it was called the Waveventure. Many three seat models would follow since this design was so popular.

  • In 2002, Yamaha entered the four stroke arena with the release of the FX140. The four stroke engine was marketed as clean burning and economical in regards to fuel consumption.

  • Currently Yamaha continues to produce its Waverunner lineup and is one of the few remaining players in the Jet Ski / PWC market.

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