The Wetjet Jet Ski

This is a list of past models of the WetJet jet ski and is imcomplete. However you slice it, the WetJet jet ski, personal watercraft, waverunner, or PWC, the list is not necessarily in any particular order. These personal watercraft have not been produced since 1997 and it seems info on these machines is somewhat scarce.

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Jet Ski from Wet Jet

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Quick Facts about Wet Jet Personal Watercraft

  • Wet Jet was created by the Webb family of Minnesota in 1985. The first Wet Jet watercraft resembled a snowmobile. It was designed and built at the family's business which manufactured and sold snowmobile parts.

  • Wet Jet watercraft were originally powered by a two stroke Cuyuna engine with a Brut jet pump. This was an was American made engine. These watercraft are typically referred to as pre-Mastercraft Wet Jets and were produced from 1987 - 1993.

  • The Wet Jet name was eventually sold to the Mastercraft Boat Company of Vonore Tennessee. Wet Jet became a division of Mastercraft and they released their first PWC in 1994. (see some examples)

  • Mastercraft's first model, the Wet Jet Duo 200, consisted of a new hull powered by a modified Brut 432cc two-stroke engine, fed by a single Mikuni carburetor with oil injection.

  • Mastercraft produced the Wet Jet line of personal watercraft from 1994 to 1997 using Yamaha engines. They reportedly abandoned the Wet Jet line of watercraft due to the limited consumer market and increased competition from the other major manufacturers.

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