Ultra 250X Jet Ski Parts

Eventually, you will be purchasing Ultra 250X jet ski parts... it's a fact of life regardless of your ski's manufacturer. Your personal watercraft will need some attention from time to time, either standard preventative maintenance, or repair parts for an outright breakdown.

Ultra 250X partsYou will then be given the choice of OEM versus aftermarket parts in many cases. Your choice can be based on performance as well as appearance. Combine this with shipping, sales tax, and actual cost of the part and you've got some decisions to make.

We have listed a few suppliers here along with brief descriptions of each. Hopefully the following will guide you to find the Ultra 250X jet ski parts you need, with timely delivery, and a competitive price.

OEM or Aftermarket Ultra 250X Parts

The use of OEM (or original equipment manufacturer) Kawasaki parts will always be recommended by Kawasaki for any repair, of course.

OEM parts are basically parts that were built by another company for sale only to Kawasaki. The manufacturer, in turn sell these official Ultra 250X repair parts to you. The parts are not available directly from the company that actually made the item, but through a Kawasaki authorized parts dealer.

featured Ultra 250X jet skiThis way, Kawasaki has full control over the spare parts availablilty as well as the compatibilty with your Ultra 250X. For some Ultra 250X parts, you have aftermarket options, these parts have been engineered and built to replace or improve on the original design.

This is perfectly fine, but some watercraft owners still look for aftermarket solutions to their problem. There are positives and negatives to aftermarket Kawasaki parts.

The biggest advantage is the pricing which is typically below the OEM cost. As for disadvantages, there are a few bullet points to keep in mind should you decide to pursue aftermarket parts. Some manufacturers will claim the aftermarket parts create safety concerns for a jet ski or personal watercraft.

There is also a lack of a recall system in the event a potential problem arises with the aftermarket part. Also, the possibility of voiding a warranty on your jet ski looms overhead if your watercraft is new enough. One other disadvantage of using aftermarket parts for your Ultra 250X, could be a diminished value on the watercraft when it comes time to sell.

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How to Find Ultra 250X Parts

Finding factory original replacement parts for your Ultra 250X jet ski doesn't have to be difficult. You can point, click, and select your parts from home or even your phone when your ski or waverunner needs attention.

Pretty much all suppliers give you the choice to select from original stock, and aftermarket Ultra 250X parts. Some of the most commonly replaced parts are pump seals, gaskets, trim cables, steering cables, seat covers, starters, throttle cables, carb kits, impeller housings, reverse cables, cdi boxes, wear rings, impellers, trim motors, igntion coils, starter relays, voltage regulators, jet pumps and rebuild kits, drive shafts, general pump parts, primer kits, rotary valve parts, and floor mats.

These repair parts can typically be selected from the factory jet ski diagrams (or micro-fiche as it was once called) and home delivered at the same price as your local PWC dealer and sometimes even less.

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Drumroll for the Ultra 250X Owners please...

As for the Ultra 250X owners who insist on OEM replacements, WOP is a prime choice. They stock genuine parts for Honda Aquatrax, Kawasaki, Polaris, Seadoo, and Yamaha Waverunners. Ultra 250X jetski partsTheir overall catalog also has a wide array of service manuals and aftermarket Kawasaki parts including jet pumps and high performance exhaust.

You can search for parts by the manufacturer name or simply search by PWC make and model.

The parts diagrams are blown up for easy reading and diagnosis, similar to the good-ol days of reading from the micro-fiche screen at your local watercraft dealership.

Use the original factory Kawasaki PWC diagrams to select your required parts. Parts are priced as though you purchased from your local dealer except with the convenience of home delivery, thus saving you two trips to the dealership or local shop (one trip to order, one to pick up).

Visit the World of Powersports Website.

Watercraft Parts from a Land-Lover...

Next up, an unlikely candidate, inappropriately called Bike Bandit. Primarily known for motorcycling, you may not think they can help.

genuine PWC partsThey actually stock both OEM as well as a large selection of aftermarket watercraft parts. They will ship your order for free if you exceed a $99.00 minimum of parts or gear.

They also will match the advertised price of any authorized online retailer on aftermarket parts, accessories and apparel for any brand they carry. Combine the price match feature with the free shipping special and you may want to turn your attention here.

Unfortunately, the Seadoo, Tigershark, and Wetjet guys are out of luck here, they only stock genuine Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Yamaha watercraft parts.

Visit the Bike Bandit Website.

Both New and Used Ultra 250X Parts...

Lastly, there is eBay. The world's marketplace has thousands of individual sellers. These sellers are a mix of commercial businesses and private owners. What you will find is a combination of new and used Ultra 250X parts listed for sale.

used jet ski partsIf you're not in a hurry, you can bargain hunt. They have an email alert feature that will notify you of a new listing by email. This tool is a money saver if you are bargain hunting and have some time to make your purchase.

As for repair parts that are needed asap to get back on the water? They give sellers the option of adding a "buy it now" feature to their product listings.

In many cases, you can click and buy instantly without waiting for an auction to end. These listings make this environment more like a store and less like an auction site.

Visit the infamous eBay Website.

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