The Polaris Jet Ski

This is a list of past models of the Polaris Jet Ski. Polaris left the watersports industry behind to pursue their snow and road-based vehicles, but their legacy continues as many of these machines are still on the water today. However you slice it, the Polaris jet ski, personal watercraft, waverunner, or PWC, the list is not in any particular order.

Jet Ski from Polaris

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Quick Facts about Polaris Personal Watercraft

  • The 1992 SL650 was the first Polaris jet ski to be produced and sold by Polaris Industries. It was equipped with a three cylinder engine.

  • Polaris utilized triples (three cylinder engines) in their personal watercraft until 1997 until they began using their own twin cylinder engines in their jet skis. These were two stroke liquid colled 700cc engines.

  • Polaris ceased production of their watercraft lineup in 2004. They cited their position in the personal watercraft market and the profitibility of this division of Polaris Industries as the reason for discontinuing production of Polaris jet skis.

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