The Honda Jet Ski

This is a list of past models of the Honda Jet Ski. Honda is the brand that is known for reliability and constant innovation. It was a sad day for watersports when they decided to discontinue production of their personal watercraft. However you slice it, the Honda jet ski, personal watercraft, waverunner, or PWC, the list is not in any particular order.

Jet Ski from Honda

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Quick Facts about Honda Personal Watercraft

  • Honda produced the first turbo-charged four stroke engine in the personal watercraft market in 2002. It was called the AquaTrax F-12X.

  • Honda boasted of their unique Aquatrax hull design which supposedly provided excellent stability and exceptional low and high-speed turning ability.

  • The last Honda Aquatrax jet ski that was manufactured was the 2009 model which was still being sold in 2010 at Honda dealerships. Honda decided to cease production of its personal watercraft and exit this market.

  • Honda issued a recall in early 2014. They determined that the fuel tank on your ARX 1200 can crack and leak fuel. Details of the recall can be found on the Honda Powersports website.

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