5 Person Jet Ski

Is there a market for a mass produced 5 person jet ski? I think most people would say no. Aside from a few pwc fanatics looking to accomodate five riders simultaneously, the general consensus is that five person jet skis push the limits of what we would call a personal watercraft.

Many indicators point to the fact that the five person jet ski is just too much pwc for the average consumer. Personal watercraft are well know for their agility. They are also well regarded for their easy trailerability. The light weight and portable size make personal watercraft exactrly that... personal.

Jet skis made their debut as transportation designed for one person. The craft was geared for the adventurous, those looking to leave the beam width and the bulk of the boat behind.

Typically, the need to transport more than four people would most likely be left to boating community. After all, boats are family craft, many small bow riders are designed and built to comfortably fit six, seven, or even eight people at a time along with plenty of fun cargo, food, and beverages.

For now, the concept of five person jet skis will probably remain just that, a concept.

What do you think about the five person pwc?

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